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Building a Markdown knowledge base

I've got a pile of Markdown files id like to form into a working knowledge base without too much effort.

Github pages and Jekyll themes

all of them are bloated, but those seem to be the best:

Just the Docs

modern, highly customizable, and responsive with search. Link

Help Center

Simple and responsive Jekyll theme for help center. Link

But, to be honest, all of them suck. Another alternative:


...can really do anything. With some digging, I think I found the holy grale, the perfect personal knnowledge base theme.


The initial setup went well, thanks to the docs. But for HOURS I kept getting errors. With lots of testing what kind of things are allowed in markdown, I managed to narrow it down to <br/>, which (if used), breaks everything, because there's no closing statement. <br/> Works fine, just as well as <br/></br>. Now I imagine it will be the same for <hr>. Besides that, you can really throw anything in there.

Something to keep in mind: you NEED a title. So files without a title: prematter or <h1> or # will produce errors.

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