Over time, I looked up, learned and created some things for various reasons or projects. Along the way I decided to note some things, and here you can find those.

This includes documentation, small guides, a quick overview about topics and also serves as a FAQ space for things I'm tired of answering again.

I have to pay for (ridiciously expensive) domains and servers while taking the time off to write stuff.
So yea, im totally gonna bag for your financial support <3 ^^


[[0-selfhosting]] covers linux servers, [[0-computers]] is more desktop / end user focussed. If you want more carefully written articles, have a look at my BLOG.

German stuff

[[literatur]] sollte mmn natürlich IMMER sehr umständlich über die UNI VPN kommen. Wenn du welche hast, möchtest du vlt auch deine [[literatur-organisieren]].

Für sichere Kommunikation ist [[matrix]] eine super Sache.


My default is english, it's easier with IT related stuff. Some notes, depending on the target group, are in german. If you desperatly want to read something, deepl exists.

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