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Over time, I looked up, learned and created some things for various reasons and projects. Along the way I decided to note some things, and here you can find those. This includes documentation, small guides, a quick overview about topics and also serves as a FAQ space for things I'm tired of answering again. For opinions on creative work, politics and society in general, go visit at my BLOG. Seeya there!

I have to pay for (ridiciously expensive) domains and servers while taking the time off to write stuff.
So yea, unless you are a bot, im totally gonna bag for your financial support <3 ^^


I compiled (personal) IT lifehacks for [[computers]] and some guides to [[selfhosting]] stuff on linux servers. But also simple lists like [[granular-synths]] or random shit about ghosts 'n' stuff.

For my fellow activists and students, I've written some German notes, u.A. zum Beschaffen von [[literatur]], denn diese sollte natürlich IMMER sehr umständlich über die UNI VPN kommen und der nächste schritt, diese [[literatur-organisieren]]. Für sichere Kommunikation zwischen Aktivisti ist [[matrix]] eine super Sache, eine Begründung findet sich auf meinem Blog. Auch praktische Gedanken zum [[gruppenaufbau]] und [[demo-opsec]] für Aktionen, für selbige auch eine kleine [[spruchsammlung]].

If you desperatly want to read something that's not in your preferred language, use deepl or a website translator plugin, although that might introduce word problems.

Whelk then, thats about it! If you have any questions, No Problem: just HMU via email (lenowac {Ä t) pm.me) or twitter, but please keep it Drama Free. If you havent noticed, I totally simp deadmau5.

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