L's notes

Automating my Zettelbox and Wiki

extending the basics of automating git push/pull with batch (see [[win git pull push]] respectivly [[20210328181358]] Automating Git push/pull with Batch) on windows:

echo "the cwd is %CD%"

echo "pulling changes"
cd "zettelkasten"
git pull
git checkout master

cd "..\wiki"
git pull
git checkout main

echo "starting zettlr"
start "" /wait "C:\Program Files\Zettlr\Zettlr.exe"

::push in \wiki
push "zettlr close"
cd "..\zettelkasten"
::push in \zettelkasten
push "zettlr close"


ill probably add linux and macOS when I boot into the respective system.

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