L's notes

Improve system security

Systemsicherheit [de]

Don't be a fucking idiot and then some

important: read [[setup-ssh]]!


Prevent spam, DDoS or Brute Force attacks

$ sudo apt install fail2ban $ sudo systemctl enable fail2ban $ sudo systemctl start fail2ban

UFW Firewall

Essential commands

  • ufw allow
  • ufw deny
  • ufw status
  • ufw enable
  • ufw default deny incoming
  • ufw default allow outgoing
  • ufw limit

Personally, I allow:

  • 22/tcp SSH
  • 25 SMTP
  • 143 IMAP
  • 420 SSH
  • 443/tcp HTTPS

and deny

  • 80/tcp HTTP <-- insecure

and set the standard: deny incoming, allow outgoing


is a special kind of fun and can be found here: [[container-apps-docker]]

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